Friday, January 27, 2012

Time to Fly

Hoka Stinson B
I will admit.  When I first pulled my Hoka shoes out of the box from Boulder Running Company, I was a bit hesitant.  But once I put them on and went for a run I was sold.  24 miles straight out of the box and they were amazing.  It has been nearly three weeks with them now and it is hard to justify any other shoe.  They have handled everything I have thrown at them--fast road miles, steep climbs, bomber descents, snow, mud, rain, rocks, roots, daylight and moonlight.    There really seems to be no condition where these shoes don't excel.  And, 140 miles in, they are showing zero signs of wear.

They may not be the most ridiculous piece of gear out there, but they are absolutely my favorite.  After all, don't we all run to have fun?...

So you might as well have a good time.  Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Year

Been a bit since I've seems 2011 is in the books.  

From the Log:

miles ran:  2586.19
number of runs:  174
+ft:  257,229

This equates to an average run of 14.86 miles and +1478.33 ft.

This also equates to about 200 days where I didn't run.

This type of schedule works for me.  I don't have time to run everyday.  Do I want to?  Yep, but life don't work that way for me right now.  All the days off don't bother me and I find it helps me push myself when I do run--because it may be a couple days before I get out again.

On the racing front in 2011, the year was a lot of fun.  With free entry to the Oregon Trail Series events as the 2010 overall winner, I gave a crack at it again.  I won my age group and was 2nd overall.  Slick Nicky T. took the crown.

Still trying to figure out a 2012 schedule.  

I'll do the OTS races I love, because they are fun, close-by, and I really enjoy them, but I don't see myself being competitive for any awards this year.  The schedule has changed with the addition of some new races.  Awards are also broken up into two divisions--a short course series of 50ks and a long course series that now includes the Pine to Palm 100 mile race.  I don't think the 50ks fit in my schedule, and without the points from P2P (I won't do a 100 for domestic stability issues) I don't see a chance for much.  But who knows, right?

Hopefully I will get a chance to crew/pace some people in their endeavors (don't be afraid to ask).  I would love to get some great training or racing in some new places.  This is a great time of year because everything is in front of you and just waiting to happen.  I can't wait!

Happy 2012!

And I'll try to avoid the ghost-like blog absences.