Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Peterson Ridge Fumble

Here is the conversation I have been having in my head the last couple days...

Smart Me:  Really?  What were you thinking starting that race?  When you did 4 miles on Friday, your first attempt at a run all week since being sick, you stated in your log, and I quote, "no way in hell I could go 40 on Sunday".

Dumb Me:  I dunno.  I guess I thought it would be worth a try.  I felt good.  And for the record, I didn't go 40 on Sunday...

Smart Me:  Whatever.  So you decide to (try to) race 40 miles.  Good on you.  Why go out so fast?

Dumb Me:  Right.  Good question.  Honestly, I was in the mood to run by myself and do my own thing.  It really wasn't that fast, 6:45s on a dead flat road.  I was hitting the same sort of splits when I quit.  I was really surprised no one tagged along, especially with the runners in the field that day.  Went out faster last year, and certainly wasn't in the lead then...

Smart Me:  Shouldn't you pay attention to the course marking if you run out front?  Seems dumb to give all that time up by going off course.

Dumb Me:  That was dumb.

Smart Me:  So what happened?  Why the DNF?  You weren't running poorly?

Dumb Me:  I know.  I was running really well, right where I wanted.  But around mile 19, I stopped for a sec to rearrange a few things and got this horrible coughing attack.  My breathing had felt good, but man, that gave me reason to worry a bit.  I told myself going into this, I wasn't going to force this run if I was in any danger of aggravating whatever sickness I still had, or showed any signs of bringing it into my chest.  Not worth it.  Can't miss any work as I have jobs stacked as it is, and just the night before Ruth had mentioned she was starting to feel bad.  If she was getting half of what I had all week, I had to be able to pick up any slack, not feel lousy myself.  Especially since I knew she would be sore and tired from her first 20 miler.  So I turned around, headed back to the aid station to tell folks I was dropping.

Smart Me:  That must have been fun.

Dumb Me:  Yeah.  Awesome feeling having everyone give that look as they ran past...

Smart Me:  So then what?

Dumb Me:  So I trot the 4 miles back to the start.  Change my clothes, watch buddy Yassine win the 20 miler, hang around for Ruth to finish and the kids to show up, cheer runners, eat some nice food, soak up some much needed sun.  It was great.

Ruth (left) 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't toss those shoes yet!

The Hole
Imagine my shock when I discovered this hole in my Hoka Stinson Combo XTs recently.  Although having over 350 miles on them, they were less than two months old and the sole is hardly worn at all.  I was expecting a lot more life out of this investment (I'm cheap, but these shoes aren't!), and wasn't ready to give up on them yet...

I emailed Boulder Running Company, from where I purchased the shoes, and they were very quick to offer a free repair.  The only catch--shipping the shoes back and forth.  It would be paid for, but still would consume at least a week or two of time without the shoes.  I have truly fallen for my Hokas and couldn't imagine two weeks of training without them!  What to do?

I've repaired shoes locally before with mixed results, so I went where I knew to be the best:  Mountain Soles here in Portland.  They specialize in resoleing and repairing outdoor footwear.  Because the tear in my shoe was right at the junction of the midsole, a sewn patch wouldn't be feasible.  They pointed me in the direction of a product called Seam Grip, a product used to weatherproof seams in tents and such, or patch holes in fabric tears.  Bingo.  $8 for a tube of this stuff if I did it myself, or $12 for them to do it.  Given that it would only take a little bit of this stuff to do the job, I opted to buy the tube for myself and give it a shot.

A little cleaning, two coats of this stuff, and the shoes seemed good to go.

The fix

A closer look
Well, over forty miles/+6000 ft in (mud, rain, sun, road, and trail) and the fix seems to be holding up.
I may never buy another pair of shoes again!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Yoga

If you live in Portland, my wife Ruth teaches a great yoga class in North Portland. 5:30-6:30, Mondays and Wednesdays, at the Overlook House near Overlook Park. Only $5, mats and blocks provided, and if it is your first class it is free.  Check it out! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Time to Fly

Hoka Stinson B
I will admit.  When I first pulled my Hoka shoes out of the box from Boulder Running Company, I was a bit hesitant.  But once I put them on and went for a run I was sold.  24 miles straight out of the box and they were amazing.  It has been nearly three weeks with them now and it is hard to justify any other shoe.  They have handled everything I have thrown at them--fast road miles, steep climbs, bomber descents, snow, mud, rain, rocks, roots, daylight and moonlight.    There really seems to be no condition where these shoes don't excel.  And, 140 miles in, they are showing zero signs of wear.

They may not be the most ridiculous piece of gear out there, but they are absolutely my favorite.  After all, don't we all run to have fun?...

So you might as well have a good time.  Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Year

Been a bit since I've posted...it seems 2011 is in the books.  

From the Log:

miles ran:  2586.19
number of runs:  174
+ft:  257,229

This equates to an average run of 14.86 miles and +1478.33 ft.

This also equates to about 200 days where I didn't run.

This type of schedule works for me.  I don't have time to run everyday.  Do I want to?  Yep, but life don't work that way for me right now.  All the days off don't bother me and I find it helps me push myself when I do run--because it may be a couple days before I get out again.

On the racing front in 2011, the year was a lot of fun.  With free entry to the Oregon Trail Series events as the 2010 overall winner, I gave a crack at it again.  I won my age group and was 2nd overall.  Slick Nicky T. took the crown.

Still trying to figure out a 2012 schedule.  

I'll do the OTS races I love, because they are fun, close-by, and I really enjoy them, but I don't see myself being competitive for any awards this year.  The schedule has changed with the addition of some new races.  Awards are also broken up into two divisions--a short course series of 50ks and a long course series that now includes the Pine to Palm 100 mile race.  I don't think the 50ks fit in my schedule, and without the points from P2P (I won't do a 100 for domestic stability issues) I don't see a chance for much.  But who knows, right?

Hopefully I will get a chance to crew/pace some people in their endeavors (don't be afraid to ask).  I would love to get some great training or racing in some new places.  This is a great time of year because everything is in front of you and just waiting to happen.  I can't wait!

Happy 2012!

And I'll try to avoid the ghost-like blog absences.