Monday, June 6, 2011


Just a quick update--

For the month of May:
19 runs
288 miles
34,250 +ft

Not great, but certainly not bad.  I'll take months like this all year.  Had a great race in the mix (McDonald Forest), a hundred mile week following the race, and took a weekend off in order to volunteer at Forest Park 50k.

For the year:
94 runs
1308 miles
112,750 +ft

Beacon Rock 50k this weekend.  Looks like a good one.  7500 ft of climb.  Should be gorgeous.  Was hoping to put down a really solid effort, but right now I have been sick the last couple days and not up to much.  We'll see what comes.  Either the rest will do me good or it won't.  Never know in this damn "sport"...

Eddie Kidd, former daredevil, just completed the London Marathon.  Took two months.  Check it out here.

Good luck to buddy Yassine Diboun as he tackles the San Diego 100 miler this weekend.  He's running for an awesome summer camp for the disabled--Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp.  Check that out here.

Good luck to Paul as he gets ready for the Logan Peak trail run.

And good luck to all you Superbadasses wrapping up your Western States training.  You know who you are.

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