Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Forward!


Finally, the days are getting longer and the frosty touch of Mr. Winter seems to be nearly behind us.  The chickens are laying eggs, the bulbs are shooting, the grass is growing and the lawnmower needs sharpening.  It is time to put up the gloves, the tights, and the screw shoes, and find the SPF, visor, and sunglasses
(well maybe not just yet...the rain here lately has been laughable...but soon).

With this change in the season comes the beckoning call of snow-free upper elevations, the mountain trail hibernations ending their frozen dark slumber.  I know I can't wait to hit the high stuff.  There is just no better training motivation than a hard-earned summit view with the sun shining.  Its why I love ultrarunning.  Like this guy...(insert your own soundtrack)

On a side note-- Please keep the people of Japan in your heart and mind as they deal not only with the tragedies of the last few days, but the real uncertainty of the days to come.  For a link on how you can help go here...

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